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Dragula – Rob Zombie T-Shirt

Dragula - Rob Zombie T-Shirt

Dragula – Rob Zombie T-Shirt

The title of Rob Zombie’s DRAGULA came from a hotrod that Grandpa built on a episode of The Munsters. I loved watching reruns of that show, and I loved that car. It was a customized 1926 Ford Model T, with a casket for a body…casket for a body, I meant car body. Oh! Hang on, my mind, which is always storming, just churned up a memory I hafta share…I was in a Glam Rock cover band in the 80’s, and we were playing somewhere in South Florida. I was on a break between sets, drinking and buzzed, when I saw a woman who looked like Grandpa Munster (swear). I told the bass player, for a laugh. Within seconds (it seemed), the energy in the place turned ugly, like Grandpa had cast a spell, maybe. Even so, I was still snickering at my own joke (I was an a**hole back then), when the ugly energy tapped me on the shoulder. It was a waitress, pissed off, and schooling me about being a stranger, making cruel jokes aimed at one of their beloved regulars. Apparently the joke was overheard, and it had traveled through the bar – the ugly energy I’d felt. I was told to apologize to the woman, so I did. I told the woman “I’m sorry that you look like Grandpa Munster.” It was loud in there, so she just heard “I’m sorry, blah blah blah…”, and accepted my apology. Sorry for the long story. DRAGULA, the song, the car.

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