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Barracuda – Heart T-Shirt

Barracuda - Heart T-Shirt

Barracuda – Heart T-Shirt

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding the inspiration for Heart’s song BARRACUDA. Some say it was aimed at the recording industry in general, and some say it was a particular record exec. Nancy Wilson said, in an interview, that it was inspired by a sleazy guy at a record company, or promoter (she didn’t remember for certain). They guy insinuated that she and her sister Ann were lovers, based on the photo of them posing bare-shouldered on the album cover for Dreamboat Annie. I’ll take her explanation as gospel, and just say that whoever the guy was, he got flamed pretty handily in a song that was named 34th Best Hard Rock Song of All Time by VH1. Thanks for the inspo, Sleazy Guy at a record company, or whatever.

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